Extracting a BIG Tongue Lipoma

Removing Giant Tongue Lipoma VideoVideo source: https://www.medicalvideos.com/video/13490/tongue-lipoma-removal

Lipoma is the commonest benign tumor occurring at any anatomical site, where fat is present. In oral cavity and oropharynx, it is a relatively uncommon neoplasm. Tongue, which is totally devoid of fat cell is also a site for lipoma but very rarely.

The benign fatty tumor, the lipoma, is composed of adult fat cells that are subdivided into lobules by septae of fibrous connective tissue. It appears most frequently in the subcutis of adults and is histologically indistinguishable from normal adipose tissue. The metabolism of the lipoma differs from that of the normal adipose tissue. It has been shown that the fat of lipoma is not used for energy production during starvation periods as happens with normal adipose tissue. Although lipomas are common in many parts of the body, they are infrequently found in the oral cavity.