GIANT Blackhead Removal from Face

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How blackheads occur

Skin impurities always occur at the sebaceous follicles. These follicles, which are made up of a small hair and sebaceous gland, are found mainly on the face, chest and back. If the follicle channel becomes blocked or if bacteria get into the pores, a blackhead will appear. Blackheads are also referred to as comedones. They occur when the sebaceous glands get blocked and the excess oil cannot flow out. This causes “whiteheads” to form. If the skin breaks open at the end of the gland, the sebum takes on a darker colour upon contact with the air. In this case, we refer to this as a “blackhead”. When this occurs, it is time to look into cream for blackheads, in order to prevent blackheads from forming into spots.

From blackhead to spot

If blackheads do not open by themselves, they become a serious problem: the built-up sebum serves as a breeding ground for bacteria, and this can lead to pus-filled inflammations.The result is that a red spot will appear. Never squeeze a spot! When it bursts, it can inflame the surrounding tissue – one spot will quickly be joined by another. This is why it is important to use a blackhead removal cream when you first spot a blackhead, to prevent future problems.