What Do Period Cramps Actually Feel Like?

what-do-period-cramps-actually-feel-likeVideo source: https://www.medicalvideos.com/video/12733/what-do-period-cramps-actually-feel-like

So let’s begin the answer with images taken from google that clearly illustrate the PAIN! And the supposed reason!

Yes! They can get VERY VERY painful… and according to new research, as painful as a heart attack!. The first day of my period is indeed the most dreadful day of the month…feels like somebody stabbing me…the excruciating pain makes me turn and look for a suitable position.. but no effect! Every time, I think,,, “Now this time I am going to endure it..I am gonna defeat the pain.. I am brave,.. I am a superwoman… I won’t take painkillers” But every time… end up taking painkillers… and sometimes even the painkillers have no effect! I even cry… try to divert my attention watching shows… but even my favourite and the most interesting programmes can’t make me forget the pain…!

But the next day, it gets fine and I feel like a survivor after war.

And the problem is people don’t understand what you are going through… Men obviously don’t … and even most women don’t .. Because not all women suffer from period cramps.. One of my friends suffer no pain at all! I envy her!