Getting Baby Latched On to the Breast

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In breastfeeding, the latch is the moment everything comes together: Your baby takes a big mouthful of your nipple and areola (or "latches on"), begins to suck, and draws out your milk. When your baby has established a good latch, your nipple soreness is minimized and your little one gets the nourishment he needs. How do you pull all that off? First and most important, have faith in yourself and your baby. "Babies are designed to breastfeed," says Emily Pease, R.N., international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), of Swedish Hospital's Breastfeeding Center in Seattle. "They are born with instincts that help them find Mom's breast and latch on often with very little assistance. And if problems do come up, there are lots of ways to troubleshoot." Here are more steps to get a good latch right from the start.
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