Mammogram Don’t Always Detect A Breast Implant Rupture

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3795   1 year ago
As you can see I access the left implant from the periareolar incisions which I made at the lower portion of the areola. As I entered the capsule and begin to remove the implant I noticed a lot of fluid surrounding the implant. Right away I know this is a rupture and that the mammogram was incorrect. Mammograms are very helpful in detecting cancer but often not ruptures.

When implants rupture, it is important to have them replaced as soon as possible to avoid excessive scarring in the breasts. If too much scar tissue has accumulated around the deflated implant, it becomes difficult to create a normal breast shape in the future.

Therefor know the signs of a ruptured implant such as, painful to touch, visible asymmetry or loss of integrity to the bag.

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