People Obsessed Perfect Body

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6377   1 year ago
The common obsession among men and women of having a perfect body has lead them to many serious neurotic disorders. They are constantly exposed to the ideas of having the perfect body. We are bombarded with the images on social media which create a hype among men and women, to achieve the exact same ratio of fats in them. Body image is merely an image of your thoughts and perceptions. The way you think how people notices you can greatly impact yourself and your way of thinking about yourself. It becomes quite a big deal when you start to feel low about yourself. It leads you towards having a low self esteem and it becomes hard for you to feel worthy and confident. On contrary when you have good self esteem you feel empowered and confident. It is not the consequence of just liking your own body but its about accepting who you are and making people accept you as you are.
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