URBN Dental How do you brush your teeth properly

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URBN Dental is here not only to take care of your tooth decay and prevent gingivitis, but also to give you the best at home dental care instructions as well. Do you find brushing your teeth confusing, or are you unsure whether or not you are brushing correctly? The golden standard when it comes to brushing teeth is brushing twice a day for two minute sessions each. You can break down the mouth into four quadrants: upper right, upper left, lower left, and lower right. By doing this, it will be easier for you to brush for thirty seconds in each area and focus on the correct movement instead of location. It is very important to angle the toothbrush at a forty five degree angle to the tooth and gums while using circular motions to remove food debris and plaque. When it comes to your front teeth, using the brush in a vertical position and combining it with circular motions is effective. Using the dental techniques will ensure healthier teeth that are cavity free and less bleeding gums.
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