Hymenoplasty Hymen Repair Surgery

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Hymenoplasty Hymen Repair Surgery in Delhi India by Dr. Prabhash, Specialist in Female genital surgery. Intact Natural Hymen is considered a sign of virginity and a broken hymen often creates difficult situation in newly married girls life. With increasing age of marriage premarital relations are turning common and affecting post marital life. Hymenoplasty or Hymen Repair or Hymen restoration surgery has been developed to overcome this difficult situations. In past it was assumed that hymen never heals after repair and we need to rely upon stitches which holds remnants and with penetrative force they cut through and cause bleeding. This old Hymenoplasty technique is unreliable and often your partner may find one or two stitches making circumstances even more ridiculous. With our hymenoplasty technique Hymen heals well and becomes soft and natural in 4-6 weeks, so you get a normal natural hymen with our hymenoplasty. Details of Revirgination or Hymenoplasty surgery you may find here http://www.cosmeticprabhash.com/hymenoplasty%20hymen%20repair%20delhi%20india.htm
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