Lap Band Success Stories And Pictures

Lap Band Success Stories And Pictures

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---Lap Band Success Stories And Pictures. "My Journey With The Lap Band Has Been Rough... In Fact, I Almost Took Matters Into My Own Hands, And Ended That Journey A few Years Ago...
But the fact that I'm still here today -- slim and happy, is proof that it is possible to overcome, and end your emotional reliance on food, and get the body and life you've always wanted!
Let Me Tell You My Story...
It was the worst week I had since my surgery -- Thanksgiving week. I was at a point where all I was thinking about all day, was food. I had to actually fight to resist my strong cravings...
I just wanted to take one bite of that turkey... just eat one piece of pumpkin pie! I just wanted to be able to taste some of the same things everyone else was eating!
Not Only Was I Still Obese, But I Couldn't Even Enjoy My Own Life!
My cravings were driving me insane, but I did my best to resist the temptation. When I got onto the scales that week, I was dumb-founded - My weight loss had stalled! All the agony and deprivation I'd suffered... was for nothing!
I was so angry at myself for even putting me in such a low, pitiful state in the first place! I was to blame for the way I looked! I was frustrated and... I felt helpless!
My Weight Loss Had Stalled...
Ok, so maybe I needed another refill but nothing could improve my emotional state-of-mind...
I became so disillusioned that I could not remember my reasonsfor wanting to lose weight, and how critical it was for me to resist my favorite foods. All I thought, was that the lap band was not working for me... and I gave in!
I Was Once Too Embarrassed To Share My Story With Anyone, But I'm Telling It To You Today, So You'll Know That You're Not Alone!...

I had lost all hope of losing weight, that I began to out-eat my band, and find ways to cheat it...

One of my favorite foods before the surgery was french fries dipped in a mix of mayonnaise and ketchup. Since I couldn't have it after the lap band, I improvised... and blended it!
I Would Actually Put Fries, Mayo And Ketchup Into A Blender... And Then Drink It!
If you've ever fallen off the wagon then I don't have to tell you about theguilt that sets in after-wards...
I'd drink it, then I'd feel guilty and start to cry...
It would make me sick... but I did it anyway!
I hated myself for doing it... but I did it anyway!
When the scales began to creep back up again, I knew why... but I didn't know what to do about it!
I felt like my life was in a tail-spin. The worst part was that I was just too embarrassed & humiliated to talk to anyone about it!
Have you ever felt that way?
To find out what happened next, scroll down!
In an amazing twist of fate, find out how I found it easier to lose the last 132 lbs than it ever was to lose the first 60 lbs!"
By April Cannon

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