Toilet Phobia Cure Bathroom Anxiety - Phobia Of Public Toilets, How To Overcome Shy Bladde

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Toilet Phobia Cure Bathroom Anxiety Phobia Of Public Toilets, Paruresis Shy Bladder. .

Shy bladder syndrome is a type of phobia in which the sufferers are unable to urinate in the presence of other people such as in a public restroom.

In other words, shy bladder is the fear of not being able to urinate without complete privacy.

How common is paruresis?

While there is no way for certain to know how many people suffer from paruresis, surveys done over the last several decades indicate that the numbers could range from less than one percent to more than 25 percent of Americans.

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Toilet Phobia Cure, Bathroom Anxiety, Phobia Of Public Toilets, Paruresis Shy Bladder,

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