Chordoid meningioma

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Chordoid meningioma, classified as atypical meningioma according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) classification, is a rare subtype, which represents only 0.5% of all meningiomas and is associated with a high incidence of recurrence. Multiple intracranial meningiomas are rare in non-neurofibromatosis patients. We present a female patient with both of these rare types of meningioma. The patient presented with two concurrent intracranial meningiomas, with one a meningotheliomatous subtype and the other a chordoid meningioma. Given the wide array of histological differential diagnoses in chordoid meningioma, immunohistochemistry has a significant role to play in differentiating them. Recurrence in chordoid meningioma can be generally predicted based on the extent of resection, the percentage of chordoid element, and proliferation indices.
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