Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis

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Stress-related mucosal disease (SRMD) is an acute, erosive gastritis representing conditions ranging from stress-related injury to stress ulcers (1, 2). Stress-related injury is superficial mucosal damage that presents primarily as erosions, whereas stress ulcers are deep, focal mucosal damage penetrating the submucosa with high risk for gastrointestinal bleeding (2, 3). Mucosal damage has been reported to occur during the first 24 hours of hospital admission in 75% to 100% of intensive care unit (ICU) patients (4, 5). Clinically important gastrointestinal bleeding can cause hemodynamic instability and increase the need for red blood cell transfusions (1). Significant bleeding may also increase the length of stay in the ICU and mortality (1).
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