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Kiki Challenge

samer kareem
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kids react to games

sameera jumani
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New-born baby having a bath

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Your First Baby

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Its time to enjoy

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The night before the exam...

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Future Baby

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Letting children patients play the role of a dentist may be a good way to introduce them to the different types of instruments used in a dental clinic. This in turn may also reduce thier anxiety or fear of the dentist and make them more easy-going and compliant towards dental treatments. Ofcourse instruments should be clean and steril and care should be taken to not give them pointed or sharp objects.

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Problems with Constipation? with medical students

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Because Doctors must give all to their patients!

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Panic attack from Injection:'(

Mohamed Ibrahim
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Trying to survive medical school funny video

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Twins Conversation

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Womb Fight amazing

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Doctor makes magic - Doctor hace magia (Sorprendente) - Doctor Magic

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Benny Hill Crazy hospital

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Father & Mom feel their baby the same

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The Nurse Job is very hard

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