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Tummy Tuck ( Classic Method ) : Surgery | 3D Animation

Tummy Tuck ( Classic Method ) : Surgery | 3D Animation

How long does tummy tuck last?
Tummy tuck results are considered permanent, insofar that the fat cells and skin removed during an abdominoplasty cannot grow back. Likewise, the internal sutures placed to repair abdominal muscles are designed to remain in place indefinitely.

What is tummy tuck surgery?
A tummy tuck — also known as abdominoplasty — is a cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the shape and appearance of the abdomen. During a tummy tuck, excess skin and fat are removed from the abdomen. Connective tissue in the abdomen (fascia) usually is tightened with sutures as well.

How much does tummy tuck cost?
How much does it cost? It can cost from about £5,000 to £10,000 to have an abdominoplasty in the UK, plus the cost of any consultations or follow-up care.

How painful is a tummy tuck?
A tummy tuck requires significant downtime

At the beginning, you will be fatigued, swollen and sore. It is normal to have moderate pain during these first several days, although this will steadily improve. It is vital to allow yourself time to focus on rest and healing.

What is the disadvantage of tummy tuck?
The cons of a tummy tuck include: A full abdominoplasty is a major operation with a considerable recovery. Expect to postpone strenuous activities for at least 6 weeks. Results take time.

Is tummy tuck more painful than C section?
That's something many women want to know. While patients have different experiences, most plastic surgeons would agree that a cesarean section is more painful than most tummy tucks.

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