Surgical Examination

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Parasites Accidentally Seen During Colonoscopy

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rostbite refers to the freezing of body tissue (usually skin) that results when the blood vessels contract, reducing blood flow and oxygen to the affected body parts. Normal sensation is lost, and color changes also occur in these tissues.

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A colonoscope is the special tool used to perform a colonoscopy. It is a thin, flexible, tubular ‘telescope’ with a light and video camera that your doctor carefully guides through your colon in order to see and determine the health of your colon. Watch this animation to learn about the features of the colonoscope, how the colonoscopy procedure is performed and how polyps are removed, and the follow-up care you and your doctor should talk about after your procedure.

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A digital rectal examination (DRE) is a simple procedure doctors use to examine the lower rectum and other internal organs. A DRE is done for a number of reasons. It's a quick, easy way to check the health of a man's prostate gland. It can detect conditions like an enlarged prostate

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Hair transplant is a life-altering decision. If you are worried about hair loss, or consider baldness a hindrance, then you are ready to take the next step. Now the question is what to do next? Obviously, the worst choice would be to do "nothing" at all! Secondly, you could try to preserve your existing hair with medicines, remedies and hair-care products - it might just work for you. Thirdly, you could go for a hair-piece or a wig. But if you're reading this, then the chances are that you're looking for a permanent solution for your hair problem, which can best be provided through a hair transplant -an increasingly popular method of defeating baldness and patchy hair.

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Liver Cancer 3D Animation

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Hiatal Hernia 3D Medical Animation

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Tonsil Stones Caseum

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Peptic Ulcer 3D

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Examination of Neck Swelling

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Examination of Varicose Veins

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breast self examination

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A video showing the examination of femoral hernia.

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An endoscopy showing celiac disease

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A new video illustrating the horizontal breast exam technique whihc is performed by doctors for any breast masses or abnormalities.

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Two small diverticuli are seen on the way in

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esophago-gastro- duodinoscopy
Gastroduodinoscopy requires special training and considerable experience but affords valuable information.
By its implement the whole of the interior of the stomach as well as esophagus, the first part and the proximal section of the second part of the duodenum and both efferent and afferent loops of the gastrojujenostomy if present can be scrutinized.
Gastroscopy is valuable in the diagnosis of gastric ulcers, in checking the results of medical treatment of chronic gastric ulcer. Gastroduodinoscopy is valuable in differential diagnosis between chronic peptic ulcer and gastric carcinoma, in diagnosis of small gastric neoplasm, in the detection of certain forms of gastritis, in examination of a stoma, in cases of gastrojujenostomy, in cases of duodinitis and duodenal ulcer.
Now its' the Era of
Direct means of diagnosis of upper G.I. diseases
Continuous Video recording of the entire procedure is there by which
we can review the whole procedure by playing the Video.
We are doing final diagnosis of upper G.I. lesions with biopsy.
Treatment becomes easy and to the point.
Early detection of pre malignant and malignant lesions is appreciable.

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Gall Stones

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