Plastic Surgery

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⁣Facial Skin Cancer Surgery

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Face Lift Surgery Proceure

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Procedure showing how to implant jewelry in the eye

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Plastic Eyelid Beauty surgery

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Synthol, otherwise known as site enhancement oil is used by some people (including bodybuilders) to increase the apparent size of their muscles by directly injecting the oil into their muscle tissue. Users treat it as a short cut of looking like a body builder, without the actual hard work of bodybuilding training. With repeated injections, a larger volume of synthol builds up inside the muscle, expanding its size like a balloon filling up with air. Side effects of synthol can cause nerve damage, stroke, ulcers, pulmonary embolisms, and much more. Injecting synthol is very dangerous and if that doesn’t deter potential users, there is also a problem from an aesthetic standpoint; synthol use makes ones body look deformed (just see for yourself in the pictures below).

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Bodybuilder Drains Synthol Hematoma From Bicep

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Site enhancement oil, often called "santol" or "synthol" (no relation to the Synthol mouthwash brand), refers to oils injected into muscles to increase the size or change the shape. Some bodybuilders, particularly at the professional level, inject their muscles with such mixtures to mimic the appearance of developed muscle where it may otherwise be disproportionate or lagging. This is known as "fluffing".Synthol is 85% oil, 7.5% lidocaine, and 7.5% alcohol. It is not restricted, and many brands are available on the Internet. The use of injected oil to enhance muscle appearance is common among bodybuilders, despite the fact that synthol can cause pulmonary embolisms, nerve damage, infections, sclerosing lipogranuloma,[60] stroke,[55] and the formation of oil-filled granulomas, cysts or ulcers in the muscle. Rare cases might require surgical intervention to avoid further damage to the muscle and/or to prevent loss of life. Sesame oil is often used in such mixtures, which can cause allergic reactions such as vasculitis.

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Eye Sclera Tattoo Procedure

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The common obsession among men and women of having a perfect body has lead them to many serious neurotic disorders. They are constantly exposed to the ideas of having the perfect body. We are bombarded with the images on social media which create a hype among men and women, to achieve the exact same ratio of fats in them. Body image is merely an image of your thoughts and perceptions. The way you think how people notices you can greatly impact yourself and your way of thinking about yourself. It becomes quite a big deal when you start to feel low about yourself. It leads you towards having a low self esteem and it becomes hard for you to feel worthy and confident. On contrary when you have good self esteem you feel empowered and confident. It is not the consequence of just liking your own body but its about accepting who you are and making people accept you as you are.

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This surgical glue can seal wounds in just 60 seconds

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Chinese Sex Change Surgery

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reast Augmentation: From Cost to Complications || Common gynaecological problems in women Breast augmentation (aka augmentation mammaplasty) is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. today. Despite controversy over the use of silicone breast implants, women have shown a continuing and growing eagerness to surgically enhance the size and shape of their breasts. If you are a healthy, non-smoking women who are at or near their ideal weight, with enough of their own breast tissue to cover and support an implant adequately, then you are a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery.

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