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The Many Versions of the MINI Tummy Tuck Explained | Visage Clinic Toronto

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The MINI tummy-tuck is a lesser variant of the classic tummy tuck. The MINI tummy-tuck always involved skin excision (often a scar revision and skin excision of the flabby skin over a C-section scar or hysterectomy or laparotomy scar) but may also involve liposuction, umbilical floating, etc. Commonly it will not include any muscle repair otherwise it it now a classic tummy tuck (aka abdominoplasty). Cost varies depending on the components involved. Here, Toronto Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon Dr Marc DuPéré describes a MINI tummy-tuck done on a patient who had a Brazilian Butt Lift before (and skin harvesting from abdomen) and a recent 20 lbs weight loss, a patient who wants more liposuction to abdomen and flanks and whose skin has now lost elasticity, hence the requirement for this small skin excision. Dr DuPéré also explains what UMBILICAL floating means. Dr DuPéré performs more than 5 different techniques of tummy-tucks in Toronto and the technique chosen reflects the patient’s expectations and anatomy. Call us if interested in learning about YOUR options for a flatter tummy! 📱 416-929-9800

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