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Got patellar tendon pain? Try this out!

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💥Patellar Tendon Pain AKA “Jumper’s Knee”👇

💥If you have this, it’s likely because your patellar tendon was over-stressed beyond what it can currently handle (due to loads that are too high or lack of recovery).

🔑 Try 5 reps of 45 second holds
🔑 2 min of rest in between each rep
🔑 Keep your knees at roughly 60 deg angle
🔑 7/10 intensity
🔑Should not increase pain during or after exercise

📚A research article found that this protocol using a knee extension machine provided significant short term pain relief. Most people don’t have a knee extension machine at home, so you could try out a wall sit instead!

🔑It may be useful during the season of competition to decrease pain and allow the athlete to compete, if needed.

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