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Vial Medication Administration: How to Withdraw Vial Medication Nursing Skill

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Vial medication administration nursing skill. Learn techniques to withdraw medication from a vial using a syringe with a needle.

Medications can come in different forms, such as ampules, vials, tablets, capsules, and so forth. When withdrawing medication from a vial, there are a few things you'll want to know as a nursing student or nurse.

First, there are different needles that can be attached to the syringe. You can use a traditional needle with a beveled tip; you can use a blunt-tip needle to reduce the risk of needle sticks; or you can use a filter needle, which is sometimes required or recommended when drawing medication from a vial, particularly in cases of reconstituted medication.

When withdrawing from a vial, you'll want to do these things (assuming they fit with the protocols and manufacturer's instructions):

NOTE: Some medications or vaccines may require a different technique, so always consult with the manufacturer's instructions.

-gather your supplies
-perform hand hygiene
-clean the vial's top with alcohol prep
-attach the appropriate needle
-stick the needle using a technique to prevent coring of the rubber on the vial (start with 45 degree angle, and as you puncture the vial, rotate the needle to a 90 degree angle in one smooth motion).
-push air into the vial equal to the amount of medication you plan to draw
-invert the vial to withdraw medication
-remove air bubbles
-and much more

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