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Elbow Exam - Orthopaedic OSCE - Clinical Skills - Dr Gill

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Elbow Exam - Orthopaedic OSCE - Clinical Skills - Dr Gill

The elbow examination is a core skill - in this video, we demonstrate how to perform an elbow EXAM for an Orthopaedic Clinical Skills OSCE, which should be one of the more accessible examination stations for medical students.

For a passing grade in your Clinical Skills OSCE, an elbow assessment should follow the LOOK, FEEL, MOVE approach

Initially looking for erythema, scars, swelling and position

Palpating the elbow - specifically the olecranon, medial and lateral epicondyles, and radial head for heat, oedema and crepitus

Finally assess range of movement with flexion and extension at the elbow, before determining for tennis and golfers' elbows

Watch further orthopaedic examinations for your OSCE revision:

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The Spine Examination:

The Knee examination

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The GALS examination
https://youtu.be/5qJaf7gW-B0 - Gait, Arms, Legs, Spine - GALS screen


Please note that there is no ABSOLUTE way to perform a clinical examination. Different institutions and even clinicians will have differing degrees of variations - the aim is the effectively identify medically relevant signs.

However during OSCE assessments. Different medical schools, nursing colleges and other health professional courses will have their own preferred approach to a clinical assessment - you should concentrate on THEIR marks schemes for your assessments.

The examination demonstrated here is derived from Macleods Clinical Examination - a recognised standard textbook for clinical skills.

Some people viewing this medical examination video may experience an ASMR effect

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