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Dressing Changes - Wet to Dry (Nursing Skills) NURSING.com

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Dressing Changes- Wet to Dry (Nursing Skills)

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Dressing Changes- Wet to Dry (Nursing Skills):
In this video we’re going to look at how to do a wet to dry dressing change. Wound care and dressing changes should be performed at least daily or more often depending on orders. Dressing changes should be sterile to avoid introducing any new bacteria to the wound and to promote wound healing.

0:05 Introduction
0:10 Wound Assessment link above
0:24 Dressing Change Prep
1:24 Wet vs Dry Gauze
1:37 Soaking Gauze
2:00 Gauze Ring Out
2:25 Packing the wound
3:00 Covering the wound bed
3:37 Dry gauze barrier
4:00 ABD pad application
4:46 Documentation
4:54 Outro

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