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Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Workers | Hand Washing Soap and Water Technique Nursing Skill

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Hand hygiene for healthcare workers: Learn how to perform hand washing with soap and water (nursing procedures).

There are two ways to perform hand hygiene as a nurse. You can use soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub (also called hand sanitizer or hand gel).

Hand hygiene is essential for providing safe patient care. If hand hygiene is not performed regularly, germs can be easily be spread to patients, other healthcare workers, and even yourself.

Hand hygiene is ALWAYS performed before and after patient care, after coming into contact with any type of body fluid or open wounds, when touching any object that is near a patient (hand railing, bedside table etc.), removing gloves, prior to eating, or after using the bathroom.

This video discusses when you should use soap and water versus an alcohol-based hand gel, when to perform hand hygiene, and demonstrates how to perform hand hygiene using soap and water.

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