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Knee replacement surgery that has you up and walking in just four hours

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Women's College Hospital is revolutionizing the way knee-replacement surgery is done. It is starting to provide the procedure as an ambulatory service. Patients can go home from hospital four hours after having the surgery. In some other hospitals knee replacement surgery patients have to stay as long as 4 days.

Read an excerpt from Theresa Boyle's story:
It’s been less than four hours since Greg Nemez underwent knee-replacement surgery and the 56-year-old Mississauga man is already on his way home from hospital.

This past Monday, he became the fifth patient at Toronto’s Women’s College Hospital to undergo the outpatient procedure, which normally requires a hospital stay of two or three days.

“I’m happy ... You have that freedom of movement from before. It’s like wow,” he said on the elevator as he was leaving the hospital.

After years of being unable to hold his leg straight, the real-estate agent can finally do so. A 20-year-old football injury had left him with severe arthritis and pain.

Read the full story:

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