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Top 20 Funny Anesthesia Reactions! 😵

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He may not look like he’s in good condition but you can guesst that his somewhere in nirvana at this point
After the operation, this patient loses more than just color in his skin but apparently he loses his nipples as well
This sedated patient is equipped with his own hand-gun. No pun intended
His anesthesia dose came with the usual side effects of crazy talk with a dash of attitude and sarcasm
The only thing crazier than love is being sedated during an endometriosis surgery
This may come as a surprise to some but penguins don’t actually reside in Alaska. In case you didn’t know that well now you do
If the doctor advises you against something you can’t resist doing, how many of us would still listen to him?
When them meds start kicking in , it’s time to frame this experience as an excuse to divulge some of your secret fantasies
There’s a time and place dirty jokes but anesthesia told this guy any times the right time
Her 16 year old son talks about the last thing he remembers right after surgery and this is what he says
She’s definitely not in the mood at all. I wouldn’t wanna tick her off during this time if I were you
A feeling of relief after your operation may be followed by some emotional changes such as mood swings and over sensitivity
Even if you do say something you wouldn't normally say while you are under sedation, according to some doctors, “it's always kept within the operating room”
The beeping sounds of the medical equipments tip this patient over the edge. so she tries to drown out the noise with her own voice
Anyone who's received anesthesia can attest to feeling pretty loopy. Although many won't remember it's fairly common to say some wacky things after waking up
It's typical for people to feel sad or vulnerable after surgery. Kind of like how this girl is feeling right now
If she wasn’t under the influence in the hospital right now , it would be pretty hard to justify this type of behavior
Imagine working as an anesthesiologist. You might become numb to a lot of strange behaviors and everything unusual becomes the new norm for you

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